Dillon’s Claim

Callie Croix has done it again with her second book in the Dumen’s series. In Dillon’s Claim, our hero has no problem claiming his woman.  Dillion’s possession of Charissa is intense, complete, and brokers no argument, which makes Dillion’s Claim, the perfect title for this sensuous story. Lordy, Ms. Croix knows how to make a gal smolder because Dillion’s Claim is HOT!

The vivid description that Ms. Croix incorporates into this scene had me on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen next. The second level characters were too spicy for words and added to the depth of the story.

Ms. Croix has created a plot that has allowed me to enjoy this series with the new release of each book. Although she keeps the stories flowing with a different Hero/Heroine, it’s all rolled into the same bachelorette weekend along with different events that play out for the eldest Dumen brother.  I cannot wait to see what she has in-store for the other Dumen brothers. Will they be as intense, or will they have a contemporary feel? All I know is that I cannot wait to find out. LOL!  These delicious cowboys are sure to put a spark in any gals spur.

Ms. Croix books are zesty and fun!  Come see what I’m babbling about by picking up a copy of Dillon’s Claim by Callie Croix. Ms. Croix has a huge new fan in this reviewer.”

-Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Lace, BlackRaven’s Reviews

“Third in the Dume Ranch series.  Dillon is tough as nails and wants answers, but the gentler side of him makes him an instant heartthrob.  He will do whatever is in his power to earn Charissa’s trust and show her that he can do things that will make her feel like a goddess.  Another fantastic read in the series.”


Touch Me

Callie Croix, who also writes romantic suspense as Kaylea Cross, has continually impressed me with her ability to develop very strong, dominant alpha-male heroes who show compassion and tenderness toward the intelligent heroines she introduces as their lovers. Croix’s heroes inevitably have military backgrounds with an ingrained sense of honor and confident sensual aura. Alex is a handsome Latino who emulates these qualities in spades, and he has wanted Tia for a long time.

Croix treats readers to plenty of conflict and angst as a very hurt Alex confronts an insecure Tia after she takes off. He uses an extremely enticing way to convince her of his true intentions.

While the plot may sound familiar, Croix’s sensual prose and excellent characterization make Touch Me an emotional, memorable read. Her considerable talent shines in the crafting of a cohesive, moving, erotic love story. Touch Me is the fourth Callie Croix novella I’ve read, and she hasn’t disappointed me yet. If you enjoy a quick, sexy read that incorporates both friends-to-lovers and second-chance-at-love themes, you might like to give Touch Me a try.”

-Rated 4 stars by Lea, USA Today, Happy Ever After blog

“There is a great deal of substance and emotional depth to “Touch Me.   Alex and Tia’s longstanding friendship provides a strong foundation for their newfound romance.  Their sex scenes are explosive and quite explicit but filled with emotion.  The BDSM aspect of the novella is light and understated.

Touch Me by Callie Croix is a short but incredibly hot and emotionally satisfying read.  If you are looking for a story with fabulous characters, a touching romance and deliciously carnal sex, then you will love this delightful novella.”

-Kathy, Book Reviews and More

“All in all I thought Touch Me was a wonderful short story. It was full of smokin’ hot sexy times, but it also had a deeper emotional connection between the hero and heroine. It was both sweet and sexy and fun to read. I just wish we could have had a little longer time with these two.”

-MinnChica, The Book Pushers

“This was an incredibly fast read, I had not realized how absorbed in the story I was until the end.   Alex has a dark quality to him, he doesn’t readily wear his heart on his sleeves which causes Tianna some uncertainty.    I thought this was another fantastic read by Callie Croix, a sizzler.”

-Rated 4 stars by Emily,

No Holds Barred

“Like I said the entire book has a really honest feel about it. Menage is one of those fantasy things and most books treat it like that without the reality of the doubts that can come from it. This book touches on all those doubts, but still manages to keep the entire feel incredibly sexy and arousing. Callie Croix knows how to write some seriously sexy scenes…whoa!! I really liked the way that she handled it at the end for Nate. Like I said, it has a true feeling to the story that you can’t help but love! Gorgeous writing. I plan to check out more by this author!”

-Rated 5 stars by Christi, Smitten With Reading

“Okay this book is hot!  Besides being erotica, this author takes this novella and really makes use of all her words.  This story is really well written.  I really felt Cait’s feelings as if they were my own.  Her angst was mine.  I appreciated that.  But the angst wasn’t the annoying kind that makes you want to skim the story.  It was just a natural part of the story that was being told.  I left the story hoping there would be more from these characters, yet I was satisfied with what I got.  I totally recommend this story for those who enjoy erotica.”

-Terri, My Book Boyfriend

“Seriously, I loved that they were both alpha, dominant men! I don’t say this as if they were brutal or forced her to anything. They let her control it, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t push her to be truthful to herself. The book was steamy on many levels and very thoughtful on others. I plan on reading more books by Callie Croix if all of her books are written as well as this one. It deals with taboo subjects, but isn’t thoughtless or careless with the characters. They are deep and thoughtful. Making final choices that impact multiple lives. I totally recommend this book.”

-Shari, Delighted Reader

“No Holds Barred is a deliciously steamy read.  Cait is sweet yet sexy and I liked that she didn’t enter into the ménage lightly.  Nathan is a dominant man and his thoughtful consideration of Cait and her sexual satisfaction is HOT.  I am intrigued by Liam, and I hope that Callie Croix plans to give us his story next.”

-Rated 4 stars by Kathy, Book Reviews & More

Deacon’s Touch

“There is instant sexual chemistry between these two which simmers to a rolling boil over the course of the story.

Deke is one of the most sexy, appealing alpha males I’ve read in a long time.

The love scenes in Deacon’s Touch are passionate, sexually explicit and will absolutely curl your toes. I saw Deke as somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to sexual dominance, but he is also extremely kind and very tender. What I loved and found really special about this story is Deke patiently but firmly guides a nervous, somewhat fearful Jessica in dominant / submissive intimacy that allows her to trust him enough to push her past her boundaries and fully embrace her sexuality. The best way I think I can describe one love scene in particular is an emotional maelstrom, the way Deke touches and makes love to Jessica is absolutely electrifying. Ms. Croix writes a stellar passionate prose that permeates the narrative of this novella.

Readers are shown Deke’s expertise as a confident highly trained medic who remains calm and competent in a crisis. Deke’s strong, equally handsome brothers are introduced who I believe will be getting their own stories. Deacon’s Touch is a well paced story and the author deftly wove in details concerning the ranch and secondary characters giving depth to what is an all too short tale.

If you enjoy a sensual, delicious, well crafted contemporary erotic romance you may well like to give Deacon’s Touch a try. Ms. Croix has a new fan, I am so looking forward to reading more of her work.”

-rated 5 bookies, Book Lovers Inc.

Deacon’s Touch is a remarkable mix of sexy, vulnerable, and a touch of kink.  The chemistry between Jessica and Deacon is hot right from the start. Both either resist it or are distracted at first, but the attraction can’t be denied for long. There is scorching hot sex is expected as well as the kinky Dom/sub scenes. What is surprising is that Deacon’s Touch is not a heavy BDSM story: Deacon is more into control than anything else.
Deacon’s Touch is a satisfying cowboy erotic romance. Deacon is a great Dom, but his vulnerable side makes him a man any woman would want to help. How well he introduces Jessica to her submissive side burns up the pages.”

-rated 5 stars, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

“Hot, hot and hot.  What a sizzling read, the tension between Jessica and Deacon is scorching and you can’t put the book down because you want to read what happens next.  I loved that Callie Croix really took her time to build up the chemistry between these two, because it is a full boil by the time you are done and what a delicious treat it is.”

-rated 5 stars,

“The story is fast paced and completely believable. It’s not just sex for sex’s sake. The lovemaking fits the personalities and the story. It’s about two people trying to say no when their hearts and bodies are saying yes. I really liked the instant attraction that both characters try to deny. Very well done. Callie Croix has written a nice story and while Deke is into control in the bedroom, we don’t see any hard or offensive BDSM play. I recommend this one for a cozy weekend afternoon.”

-rated 4 stars by Kathy, The Romance Studio