Dillon’s Claim

PublisherThe Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Format: Digital
Length: Novella (32,000 words)

Blurb: Charissa Myers attends a bachelorette weekend at a Texas guest ranch, knowing she’ll have to confront Dillon Dumen. The sexy cowboy is everything she’s ever wanted in a man but, gun-shy after a previous BDSM encounter gone bad, she denied her need to submit to the irresistible Dom. She expects his anger, but what she doesn’t expect is Dillon’s determination to finish what they started all those months ago.

Dillon doesn’t understand what spooked Charissa in the first place, but now that she’s on his turf, he wants a hell of a lot more from her than answers. He’s got two days to weaken her resistance and stake his claim once and for all. And this time, he’s not letting her go without a fight.

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Shock rippled through her at the sensual feel of his mouth on hers. Her hands immediately went to his shoulders, palms pressing against the contours of solid muscle. He didn’t let go, the gentle pressure of his hand at her nape reinforcing his control and heightening all her senses. The kiss was hard, possessive, but his lips were soft and warm on hers. A startled moan escaped, her body tingling with a rush of pleasure.

She wanted this. Had craved it for so long. God help her, her fingers curled around his shoulders instead of pushing him away. Her lips softened and parted beneath his, the tender stroke of his tongue making her sex clench in anguish. He kissed her like he’d been dying to taste her, licking and caressing all the sensitive places inside her mouth, that strong hand cradling the back of her neck.

All too soon, he pulled back, leaving her hot, confused. Wanting more.

Dillon raised a hand and trailed a questioning fingertip over her cheekbone, holding her spellbound. “Something spooked you the last time I did that,” he said in a low voice, his eyes far too knowing. “What was it? This?”

Before she could pull away, he threaded his other hand into her hair and held her head still. Letting her feel a taste of his authority, making her even wetter at the thought of exactly how it would translate into the bedroom. The dominant side of him frightened her as much as it aroused her. She swallowed, hating the betraying stillness in her body as she softened, wordlessly affirming her desire to give up control. His steely eyes pinned her mercilessly, gauging her reaction, watching for any sign of vulnerability. This was the predator she’d sensed lurking inside him, and this time there was no escape. She closed her eyes to block out his scrutiny.

“Look at me,” he commanded softly.

Fighting with herself, she drew a deep breath and forced herself to meet his gaze. She swallowed again as his long fingers rubbed against her scalp, his grip commanding, yet so tender it tied her in knots. For the life of her, she couldn’t make herself pull away.

“What were you so scared of, Charissa? Maybe this?” He bent and brushed his mouth over hers. Gently this time, a beguiling caress of lips and tongue that made her catch her breath, press closer to him. Tempting her in ways a more forceful touch never could have. The man was lethal with his mouth. She could just imagine how well he’d use the rest of his body.

 *end excerpt*